Pure 1-day astigmatism


Pure 01-day astigmatism is a disposable hydrogel lens. A comfortable option for people with astigmatism. The breathable material helps to keep your eyes healthy and white. Pure 01-day astigmatism has a water content of 78% with high moisture retention for extra comfort and crisp vision. The lens has UVA/ UVB protection. Furthermore, the aspheric optics gives you a clear vision and reduced halos and glare. The innovative design keeps your lens stable with easy application.

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Product info

A high water content hydrogel lens with exceptional moisture retention forĀ all day comfort and crisp vision.

Product spec

Material Nesofilcon A
Water content 78%
Base curve 8,4 mm
Diameter 14,5
Center thickness 0,10 mm @-3.00D
Dk/t(@-3.00D 42
Power range
Visibility tint Light blue
UV filter Yes
Modality Daily wear
Replacement schedule Daily
PACK SIZE 30 lenses