Pure 30-days PRO spherical

Pure 30-days PRO spherical


Pure 30-days PRO spherical is a monthly high water content silicon hydrogel lens that is comfortable to wear from morning to night. The aspheric optics provides sharper vision in lower lights while reducing halos and glare. The innovative technology keeps the lens moist and provides crisp vision even after using digital devices for many hours. The breathable material helps to keep your eyes healthy and white. Pure 30-days PRO spherical is approved for 7 days continuous wear with a 30-day replacement schedule.

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Product spec

Material Samfilcon A,
Water content 46%
Base curve 8,5 mm
Diameter 14,2 mm
Center thickness 0,07 mm @ -3,00D
Dk/t(@-3.00D 163 Dk/t
Power range +6,00D to -6,00D (in 0,25D steps)
-6,50D to -12,00D (in 0,50D steps)
Visibility tint Light blue
UV filter No
Modality Daily wear - up to 7 days extended wear
Replacement schedule Monthly
PACK SIZE 6 lenses